Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl 2011 , Superbowl 2011 online also

Superbowl 2011 , Superbowl 2011 online

I am not one for football , so those who love the sport, so be it, this is about the marketing of a game that 30 or so men on a team make millions of dollars entertaining us. This could be on television or we could pay the astronomically high priced tickets to go to a crowded stadium and pay for anything we do , parking your car, getting drinks, and man what a crowd Superbowl 2011 is going to draw into the Dallas area, it's actually Arlington , Texas. Why don't they say it Superbowl 2011 , were in Arlington , Texas making it big! Dallas is the name , that's why and always will be when it comes to big sporting events even if its done in Ft Worth , Texas just a few miles West of Arlington and Dallas. The name on the ticket will say Dallas Texas , they may put in small letters the actual city your in, I believe the printer's of the tickets do.

The Marketing team from Audi , Coke , and your favorite beer commercials are all pitching for your sale during this escapade of Superbowl 2011 online even . When you boil it all down, are we that proud of watching a bunch of rich men, that made it to the top playing a game? I think the Las Vegas gambler's have a Superbowl too surely, yet it does have endorsements as well as football, and for that fact so does surfing, so I eat my words. The Marketing of this Superbowl will be so extreme, that I may have to actually watch this one. I may learn some tips on how to push products the way the heavyweights do. Its' a learning session for us marketer's with a pen and paper not taking down stats of the players, but writing leads down on about the trends that will be marketed. When In the Superbowl , I wonder if you can actually here what the person next to you is saying, or the decibel level, they never show you how loud it gets.

I really am not trying to put down the great American pastime, we need to come together as a nation in one way or another, government is not helping us stay together, so Superbowl 2011 may bring more peace to a quite unstable economy. Superbowl 2011 tickets are long gone by now, and I can't even imagine what the scalpers made, that another line of business to look into. I know this Superbowl 2011 is going to be bigger than any election this year , and someday it may even become a required holiday, I chuckle, lets hope not. I wonder if I can watch Superbowl 2011 online this year, I bet if I search it out I will find it. The whole Superbowl 2011 is a marketer's dream with ads a flying in and out every 2 minutes and then more if penalties are abundant. I thought a few years ago Budbowl was pretty good, is this still going on? This shows how much I watch this sport, and keep tabs on it.

I plan to learn a lucrative lot of information from the Superbowl 2011 this year, how to advertise and where you place your ads in certain areas, this is like article writing and putting keywords in certain areas so the Superbowl Online Search engine will find your small piece in the pie, compared to the giants who have spent millions advertising this for months. I was surprised to find a great link Superbowl 2011 – , now that’s pretty simple. I wish all the fans safety, I use to drive limousines to football games when I was younger in Dallas at Texas Stadium and , what a bunch of drunks, so stay close to the kids and enjoy your game, while I play my game.
Christopher Hyer 2.4.2011

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