Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Superbowl 2011 Revisited

Well the Super bowl 2011 came and went just like all good things in life, and I dint watch it, and I am glad, Oh I saw a bit of it, yet the picture on my HDTV was not as clear as I thought it should be for such an occasion, May bee I was tired, doubt it, just bored , It was a boring game, and it was in Dallas, Texas. Why was it in Dallas, hmm, New Stadium or Daddy war bucks bought those teams also. hmmm I dont care, just glad all the hoopla is over, Pro football is over rated , and a waist of my time, I could be blogging and making a living, while those guys are buffing each others helmets I was working, most of the time. Do you think they , the football players really care if we watch them or not, I'm Curious, if not for us the big money would not be coming their way, yet like all things we have no control over what people make for a living or how they do it, Yet. Lets hope these guys can keep on playing football and that hot dogs are all American,and not All Muslim or something. The Christians against the ,,oh well, I better shut up. Have a good Valentines

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